Rebranding and Redesigning EMMIR

For about the past month, I’ve been working on creating a new logo for my master’s program, EMMIR (the European Master in Migration and Intercultural Relations).

My main university as part of EMMIR: Carl Von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg, Germany

Previously, we were lacking any cohesive presence: our website had a pink and lime green colour scheme with one logo, our official documents had a dark blue banner and different font, and our Facebook page had an upside-down map and light blue text colour and all had different fonts! It was time for that to change.

Having studied journalism for my undergraduate degree, as well as having experience with print and online media, gave me an eye for branding identity and a love for graphic design. After realising the need for a complete makeover, I started designing a new logo and soon pitched it to the EMMIR team who eagerly acknowledged the necessity.

I decided on keeping a professional dark-blue theme and using the upside-down map as the symbol of EMMIR. Today, I finalised our new logo, which is now ready to be implemented onto all of our social media pages, official documents, and website over the next few days. We’ll also be updating cover photos, fonts, and colours to match our new identity. Additionally, I have been working with my amazing colleague Elisabeth Roura Bosch, on creating a Twitter page and a LinkedIn page for our program as well.

As for official documents, I was careful not to use a map projection that skewed the poles or altered the sizes of the continents. Thus, I decided to use the Authagraph projection, which is the most accurate world map created to-date.

Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at 21.22.26

After the online-stuff, we’ll continue implementing the logo through the creation of maps, bags, notebooks, and more in preparation for a conference that my program is hosting in December.

Here is a poster for the conference that I designed, using the new EMMIR logo:


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Gabriella Mikiewicz is a 20-something Polish-American student and writer whose interests are as eclectic as her apartment decorations.

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