EMMIR 2018 Alumni Survey Results

In 2018, EMMIR conducted the first organised survey sent out to all alumni. After the results came in, I poured through the responses to create this document of the results.

Each year, students graduating the EMMIR program begin a new phase in their lives. In 2018, we sent out an Alumni Impact Survey to gain some insight into the broader trends of our graduates, of the labour market, how employers value our degrees, and to inform our current and future students about career opportunities post-EMMIR. The Alumni Impact Survey received 71 responses, about 56% of alumni. What we found is a large majority of students who believe that their EMMIR experiences and degrees have helped them find jobs, assisted in their professional development, assisted in the development of their personalities, and would choose to study EMMIR again. The results from this survey attest to the quality of the education, internships, and experiences that EMMIR students receive at our 7 partner institutions and 60+ associate partner institutions. Students thus become part of a network of more than 60 organizations in 31 countries and over 130 alumni.

– Gabriella Mikiewicz, EMMIR Alumni Survey 2018

The results showed a large majority of alumni were satisfied with the EMMIR programme, but I was also really interested in the more demographic information of our network. The first two pages include an “EMMIR by numbers” section, and then the alumni results span the last 3 pages.

Published by gabriellamikiewicz

Gabriella Mikiewicz is a 20-something Polish-American student and writer whose interests are as eclectic as her apartment decorations.

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