Cradle of Humankind museum – exploring our origins

The Cradle of Humankind – what an intimidating, strong name, conveying imagery of the first humans, the first man, the first steps taken by Homo Sapiens. And ‘cradle’ – reminding us that humankind as a species was young once, and still is young in the grand scheme of things. If the name of this museumContinue reading “Cradle of Humankind museum – exploring our origins”

Commodifying Humanitarianism (response paper)

this is a response paper I wrote for my Health & Migration class at Wits University. Gabriella Mikiewicz Response Paper – Session 7 Migration & Health – Jo Vearey Wits University, Johannesburg Commodifying Humanitarianism: Reinforcing the capitalist world system Could humanitarianism exist outside of a neoliberal, capitalist world system? Does an unequal distribution of wealthContinue reading “Commodifying Humanitarianism (response paper)”

Rise of anti-migrant rhetoric in Poland (EMMIR Final Paper)

This was a paper for my Multiculturalism class in the EMMIR program. For a PDF copy of this with footnotes and citations, please download it here: Mikiewicz MM22.5 Final Paper. What came first: the nationalism or the othering? Exploring the relationship between the rise of nationalism and anti-immigrant sentiment in Poland. By Gabriella Mikiewicz MM22.5 –Continue reading “Rise of anti-migrant rhetoric in Poland (EMMIR Final Paper)”

Productive or Paternalistic?: The EU Trust Fund for Africa

Productive or Paternalistic?: The EU Trust Fund for AfricaBy Gabriella Mikiewicz MM22.3 – African Perspectives on Migration: Security and Visual Representations of Mobile Lives April 16th 2018 Lotte PelckmansEMMIR, University of StavangerWord Count: 2914 Introduction With an incoming number of over 3 million refugees from certain African countries to the European Union in 2015, EU officialsContinue reading “Productive or Paternalistic?: The EU Trust Fund for Africa”

Book Review: “The Cross-Border Connection” by Roger Waldinger

Gabriella Mikiewicz Monday, 16th January 2018 Book Review for MM13 EMMIR Waldinger, Roger, “The Cross-Border Connection: Immigrants, Emigrants, and Their Homelands”, Harvard University Press (2015) Kindle Edition This book takes a critical look at the contemporary transnational perspective on migration, arguing that this framework limits scholars and researchers by not seeing fully the extent ofContinue reading “Book Review: “The Cross-Border Connection” by Roger Waldinger”

EMMIR Cohort 7 Video

For the official commencement ceremony for Cohort 7, we were invited to prepare and present a video about our cohort. The instructions were open and general, so we were able to have some fun and brainstorm unique ideas. What follows is the EMMIR Cohort 7 video, which was videotaped by a fellow student but completelyContinue reading “EMMIR Cohort 7 Video”

My tiny farming village has turned into an ecotourism spot?!

My family tree starts in 1907 in the small farming village of Wrocen in northeastern Poland. When I say small, I mean less than a kilometer across, with about 20 houses on one road. My grandparents on my mother’s side were raised in Wrocen and my mom was born there, too. Though I was bornContinue reading “My tiny farming village has turned into an ecotourism spot?!”

Eritrean Coffee Ceremony

One of the most iconic traditions within Eritrea, the coffee ceremony is an event of care, delicacy, and pride. From roasting the raw beans by hand, to passing around the pot to guests to indulge in the aroma, the long ceremony is a traditional social ritual of society that occurs in some families every morning and duringContinue reading “Eritrean Coffee Ceremony”

Visiting Franz Kafka’s Grave

Franz Kafka played a large role in my high school English experience, shaping my literary interests and turning me into the cynical, elitist, existentialist book-snob I was in the 10th and 11th grades (yes, I was *that* person in AP English… such a suck-up). Kafka was one of my first experiences dipping into surrealistic andContinue reading “Visiting Franz Kafka’s Grave”