#RethinkPopulism event with MigrationMatters

What is populism? Can migration explain Europe’s rise in right-wing populism? Can we find common ground with populists? This November, join EMMIR and MigrationMatters for a night of video screening and discussion about these important questions in Oldenburg, Germany. I’m very excited to be organising this event as part of my job as Communications Specialist […]

Attending a UX/UI Training in Brussels

This May, I was lucky enough to attend a UX/UI training in Brussels. The training was organised by ESN (Erasmus Student Network) and funded by ESAA (Erasmus Student and Alumni Alliance). Most of the participants were from various ESN organisations around Europe and had experience with coding and IT. The purpose of the training was […]

UNpaid = UNfair (#PayYourInterns)

Alternative title: How we’re being scammed during the job-search process I’m in the process of planning a big move to Copenhagen in the end of the summer. After I turn in my master’s thesis, I will change my current job’s contract to fewer hours, as I can remotely do some of the tasks necessary for […]

#PRIOSeminar: Humans of Oslo

Today, I got to attend a seminar at PRIO – one of those research institutes that’s basically famous in migration circles. Home institution of researchers Jorgen Carling, Cindy Horst, and others, I felt as if I was about to meet the actual celebrities of academia! I’m currently in Oslo doing some interviews for my master’s […]

Videography & Editing: #ActiveAcademia 2018 Conference

During the #ActiveAcademia conference, part of the communications strategy included taking general video shots of the conference as well as interviews with participants and attendees. During the last hours of this 3-day conference, I prepared this short video summarising the weekend. It was played during the closing session and is available on the EMMIR website […]

Conference Poster on Eritrean-Ethiopian Peace Process

Today, I was able to participate in the Origin Future conference at HTW Berlin and I presented a poster with my ongoing research project for my internship at the Felsberger Institut. My research question is “what are the perceptions of the recent Eritrean-Ethiopian peace process by the Eritrean diaspora in Germany?”. At this conference, I […]

Rebranding and Redesigning EMMIR

For about the past month, I’ve been working on creating a new logo for my master’s program, EMMIR (the European Master in Migration and Intercultural Relations). Previously, we were lacking any cohesive presence: our website had a pink and lime green colour scheme with one logo, our official documents had a dark blue banner and different […]

Museum für Sepulkralkutur – Museum about death & dying

Ok, if I had known this place existed, I would have prioritized visiting Kassel way earlier. Now, I’m based here for my internship with the Felsberg Institute, a research institute, where I’m focusing my research on Eritrea. Kassel probably isn’t at the top of anyone’s Germany-must-visit list, but it’s a fine place to spend a few […]

Amos Rex Museum in Helsinki

Built in a huge old underground bus station, Helsinki’s newest museum Amos Rex is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. Take what you thought you knew about art museums and throw it into a time machine, it’s getting a 21st-century makeover. The museum is basically a bunch of black rooms separated into different exhibits of […]

Cradle of Humankind museum – exploring our origins

The Cradle of Humankind – what an intimidating, strong name, conveying imagery of the first humans, the first man, the first steps taken by Homo Sapiens. And ‘cradle’ – reminding us that humankind as a species was young once, and still is young in the grand scheme of things. If the name of this museum […]

Commodifying Humanitarianism (response paper)

this is a response paper I wrote for my Health & Migration class at Wits University. Gabriella Mikiewicz Response Paper – Session 7 Migration & Health – Jo Vearey Wits University, Johannesburg Commodifying Humanitarianism: Reinforcing the capitalist world system Could humanitarianism exist outside of a neoliberal, capitalist world system? Does an unequal distribution of wealth […]

Rise of anti-migrant rhetoric in Poland (EMMIR Final Paper)

This was a paper for my Multiculturalism class in the EMMIR program. For a PDF copy of this with footnotes and citations, please download it here: Mikiewicz MM22.5 Final Paper. What came first: the nationalism or the othering? Exploring the relationship between the rise of nationalism and anti-immigrant sentiment in Poland. By Gabriella Mikiewicz MM22.5 – […]

Productive or Paternalistic?: The EU Trust Fund for Africa

Productive or Paternalistic?: The EU Trust Fund for AfricaBy Gabriella Mikiewicz MM22.3 – African Perspectives on Migration: Security and Visual Representations of Mobile Lives April 16th 2018 Lotte PelckmansEMMIR, University of StavangerWord Count: 2914 Introduction With an incoming number of over 3 million refugees from certain African countries to the European Union in 2015, EU officials […]

Book Review: “The Cross-Border Connection” by Roger Waldinger

Gabriella Mikiewicz Monday, 16th January 2018 Book Review for MM13 EMMIR Waldinger, Roger, “The Cross-Border Connection: Immigrants, Emigrants, and Their Homelands”, Harvard University Press (2015) Kindle Edition This book takes a critical look at the contemporary transnational perspective on migration, arguing that this framework limits scholars and researchers by not seeing fully the extent of […]

EMMIR Cohort 7 Video

For the official commencement ceremony for Cohort 7, we were invited to prepare and present a video about our cohort. The instructions were open and general, so we were able to have some fun and brainstorm unique ideas. What follows is the EMMIR Cohort 7 video, which was videotaped by a fellow student but completely […]

Eritrean Coffee Ceremony

One of the most iconic traditions within Eritrea, the coffee ceremony is an event of care, delicacy, and pride. From roasting the raw beans by hand, to passing around the pot to guests to indulge in the aroma, the long ceremony is a traditional social ritual of society that occurs in some families every morning and during […]

Visiting Franz Kafka’s Grave

Franz Kafka played a large role in my high school English experience, shaping my literary interests and turning me into the cynical, elitist, existentialist book-snob I was in the 10th and 11th grades (yes, I was *that* person in AP English… such a suck-up). Kafka was one of my first experiences dipping into surrealistic and […]

Steamy winter day at the Budapest thermal baths

It might be -6°C (21°F), but it’s getting steamy out here! When visiting Budapest in the winter, I didn’t let the snow and cold put me off of visiting the beautiful outdoor thermal spas.  I decided to visit the Széchenyi Medicinal Baths that are located in a large park that’s also home to the Vajdahunyad Castle. The […]

Post-travel depression: Is coming home harder than leaving?

the happy and the sad of traveling They say that if you’ve never known sadness, you’d never know happiness. For me, happiness is my traveling. It’s hearing the laughter of children as I teach them a new game, the light in the eyes of the old couple as they welcome me into their home, the views of clouds under […]

Asmara: a crumbling memory of Italian colonialism

Walking around the empty streets of downtown Asmara on a Sunday afternoon, you could almost imagine yourself in a small Italian town. Actually, it would probably be more accurate to imagine yourself in a small Italian town in the 1970s, instead (although, how would I know what that looked like? but that’s how I imagine […]

Road trip to Massawa, Eritrea

Yesterday my mom and I took a day trip to the lovely city of Massawa. It’s a 3-hour drive from Asmara, which would be considerably less if it weren’t for the scary winding mountain roads. As you leave the city of Asmara, you start to see the beautiful mountains of Eritrea. Yes, the roads are scary […]

Finding my roots & solving a family mystery in Poland

My mom has been updating our family tree for the past few years. Whenever we visit Poland and see our family, we ask for any dates or photographs or information they may have of their parents/grandparents/relatives. My mom even bought an expensive iPad app and computer program to store all the information. Now, I’m in […]

My favorite buildings in Chicago

Chicago Cultural Center I spent the afternoon wandering around the Chicago Cultural Center in the Loop. I’ve wanted to go for so long, but surprisingly this was my first time. The other week, I visited the Harold Washington Library (read about that visit here!) where I found out that the Cultural Center was actually the […]

Article: Modern-Day Slavery in the UAE

This article was written for my International Reporting class. While the United States is hurled through a contentious and politically charged presidential election, a lot of spotlight has been put on immigrants rights and policies. While Americans may worry about numbers of immigrants entering the country, migrants only make up 15% of the population in […]

The In-Cider Scoop: A Trip to The Northman

With the increase of fruitier, sweeter beer-alternatives and ciders entering the mass market around Chicago, the opening of the city’s first ‘Cider Bar’ came with great enthusiasm. The Northman finally opened about two months ago, after they first announced their idea over two years ago. Chicago cider fans have been patiently waiting for their favorite […]

DePaul – diversity in the midst of segregation?

Despite it’s diverse composition, Chicago is known to be one of the most segregated cities in America. The neighborhoods are divided by both class and race. There are many neighborhood community areas with overwhelming racial majorities. Minority ethnicities and races in particular seem to be limited to particular regions in the city, like the west […]

Star Trek TOS: Race-ing toward the 23rd century

I am a Trekkie. I think it’s genetic. My parents watched all the science fiction when I was a kid, and now I pass that tradition down to my dog, who I force to watch 2001: A Space Odyssey with me on repeat. Star Trek is probably my favorite science fiction media, with TOS and Next Gen […]

Walking on top of thousands of unmarked graves in Lincoln Park

It’s one of my favorite Chicago trivia facts to tell people: Lincoln Park (the actual park itself, that the neighborhood is named after) is actually built on top of thousands of unmarked graves. Yes, you read that correctly. While strolling through the park, visiting the zoo or a farmer’s market, nobody knows whose grave your […]

Comparison of Chicago Neighborhoods

1. Introduction The huge city of Chicago has almost 1,200,000 people within its invisible walls. Unfortunately, there are these “walls” not only surrounding the city, but surrounding various ethnic neighborhoods. There are 77 communities within Chicago’s borders. Being the large, diverse city that Chicago is, it is still surprising to see such vast spacial boundaries […]

First Look review: Crowded, wild and rainy, Lollapalooza succeeds again thanks to the music

this article was written for The Real Chicago magazine: Quick thoughts: This was my third visit to Lollapalooza, and I was thankful I had some previous experience and knew what to expect. I knew to bring my own baby wipes and napkins for when the toilet paper ran out and the hand sanitizer machines were broken. […]

Profile: The love expert looking for love

Gabriella MikiewiczJOUR 278Marla KrauseFebruary 12, 2014Word count: 1026 The Love Expert Looking For Love “No one wants to date a relationship expert,” says Anita Chlipala, a relationship coachand therapist. “It’s a little rough on the love life.” The 33-year-old sips her NorthernLights Raspberry Latte in a downtown Caribou Coffee cafe. She’s wearing a greycardigan over […]