Videography & Editing: #ActiveAcademia 2018 Conference

During the #ActiveAcademia conference, part of the communications strategy included taking general video shots of the conference as well as interviews with participants and attendees. During the last hours of this 3-day conference, I prepared this short video summarising the weekend. It was played during the closing session and is available on the EMMIR websiteContinue reading “Videography & Editing: #ActiveAcademia 2018 Conference”

Conference Poster on Eritrean-Ethiopian Peace Process

Today, I was able to participate in the Origin Future conference at HTW Berlin and I presented a poster with my ongoing research project for my internship at the Felsberger Institut. My research question is “what are the perceptions of the recent Eritrean-Ethiopian peace process by the Eritrean diaspora in Germany?”. At this conference, IContinue reading “Conference Poster on Eritrean-Ethiopian Peace Process”

Rebranding and Redesigning EMMIR

For about the past month, I’ve been working on creating a new logo for my master’s program, EMMIR (the European Master in Migration and Intercultural Relations). Previously, we were lacking any cohesive presence: our website had a pink and lime green colour scheme with one logo, our official documents had a dark blue banner and differentContinue reading “Rebranding and Redesigning EMMIR”

Commodifying Humanitarianism (response paper)

this is a response paper I wrote for my Health & Migration class at Wits University. Gabriella Mikiewicz Response Paper – Session 7 Migration & Health – Jo Vearey Wits University, Johannesburg Commodifying Humanitarianism: Reinforcing the capitalist world system Could humanitarianism exist outside of a neoliberal, capitalist world system? Does an unequal distribution of wealthContinue reading “Commodifying Humanitarianism (response paper)”

Rise of anti-migrant rhetoric in Poland (EMMIR Final Paper)

This was a paper for my Multiculturalism class in the EMMIR program. For a PDF copy of this with footnotes and citations, please download it here: Mikiewicz MM22.5 Final Paper. What came first: the nationalism or the othering? Exploring the relationship between the rise of nationalism and anti-immigrant sentiment in Poland. By Gabriella Mikiewicz MM22.5 –Continue reading “Rise of anti-migrant rhetoric in Poland (EMMIR Final Paper)”

Productive or Paternalistic?: The EU Trust Fund for Africa

Productive or Paternalistic?: The EU Trust Fund for AfricaBy Gabriella Mikiewicz MM22.3 – African Perspectives on Migration: Security and Visual Representations of Mobile Lives April 16th 2018 Lotte PelckmansEMMIR, University of StavangerWord Count: 2914 Introduction With an incoming number of over 3 million refugees from certain African countries to the European Union in 2015, EU officialsContinue reading “Productive or Paternalistic?: The EU Trust Fund for Africa”

Book Review: “The Cross-Border Connection” by Roger Waldinger

Gabriella Mikiewicz Monday, 16th January 2018 Book Review for MM13 EMMIR Waldinger, Roger, “The Cross-Border Connection: Immigrants, Emigrants, and Their Homelands”, Harvard University Press (2015) Kindle Edition This book takes a critical look at the contemporary transnational perspective on migration, arguing that this framework limits scholars and researchers by not seeing fully the extent ofContinue reading “Book Review: “The Cross-Border Connection” by Roger Waldinger”

Article: Modern-Day Slavery in the UAE

This article was written for my International Reporting class. While the United States is hurled through a contentious and politically charged presidential election, a lot of spotlight has been put on immigrants rights and policies. While Americans may worry about numbers of immigrants entering the country, migrants only make up 15% of the population inContinue reading “Article: Modern-Day Slavery in the UAE”

Star Trek TOS: Race-ing toward the 23rd century

I am a Trekkie. I think it’s genetic. My parents watched all the science fiction when I was a kid, and now I pass that tradition down to my dog, who I force to watch 2001: A Space Odyssey with me on repeat. Star Trek is probably my favorite science fiction media, with TOS and Next GenContinue reading “Star Trek TOS: Race-ing toward the 23rd century”