Comparison of Chicago Neighborhoods

1. Introduction The huge city of Chicago has almost 1,200,000 people within its invisible walls. Unfortunately, there are these “walls” not only surrounding the city, but surrounding various ethnic neighborhoods. There are 77 communities within Chicago’s borders. Being the large, diverse city that Chicago is, it is still surprising to see such vast spacial boundariesContinue reading “Comparison of Chicago Neighborhoods”

Profile: The love expert looking for love

Gabriella MikiewiczJOUR 278Marla KrauseFebruary 12, 2014Word count: 1026 The Love Expert Looking For Love “No one wants to date a relationship expert,” says Anita Chlipala, a relationship coachand therapist. “It’s a little rough on the love life.” The 33-year-old sips her NorthernLights Raspberry Latte in a downtown Caribou Coffee cafe. She’s wearing a greycardigan overContinue reading “Profile: The love expert looking for love”