Museum für Sepulkralkutur – Museum about death & dying

Ok, if I had known this place existed, I would have prioritized visiting Kassel way earlier. Now, I’m based here for my internship with the Felsberg Institute, a research institute, where I’m focusing my research on Eritrea. Kassel probably isn’t at the top of anyone’s Germany-must-visit list, but it’s a fine place to spend a fewContinue reading “Museum für Sepulkralkutur – Museum about death & dying”

Visiting Franz Kafka’s Grave

Franz Kafka played a large role in my high school English experience, shaping my literary interests and turning me into the cynical, elitist, existentialist book-snob I was in the 10th and 11th grades (yes, I was *that* person in AP English… such a suck-up). Kafka was one of my first experiences dipping into surrealistic andContinue reading “Visiting Franz Kafka’s Grave”

Sedlec Ossuary: over 40,000 human skeletons decorating a church

Our story begins in a small town outside of Prague in the 13th century. An abbot of the local church was sent to Jerusalem to visit the Holy Land. He brought back a handful of soil from Palestine and sprinkled it on the ground around his church. Because of this, the area became a very desirableContinue reading “Sedlec Ossuary: over 40,000 human skeletons decorating a church”