Eritrean Coffee Ceremony

One of the most iconic traditions within Eritrea, the coffee ceremony is an event of care, delicacy, and pride. From roasting the raw beans by hand, to passing around the pot to guests to indulge in the aroma, the long ceremony is a traditional social ritual of society that occurs in some families every morning and duringContinue reading “Eritrean Coffee Ceremony”

Asmara: a crumbling memory of Italian colonialism

Walking around the empty streets of downtown Asmara on a Sunday afternoon, you could almost imagine yourself in a small Italian town. Actually, it would probably be more accurate to imagine yourself in a small Italian town in the 1970s, instead (although, how would I know what that looked like? but that’s how I imagineContinue reading “Asmara: a crumbling memory of Italian colonialism”

Road trip to Massawa, Eritrea

Yesterday my mom and I took a day trip to the lovely city of Massawa. It’s a 3-hour drive from Asmara, which would be considerably less if it weren’t for the scary winding mountain roads. As you leave the city of Asmara, you start to see the beautiful mountains of Eritrea. Yes, the roads are scaryContinue reading “Road trip to Massawa, Eritrea”