Article: Modern-Day Slavery in the UAE

This article was written for my International Reporting class. While the United States is hurled through a contentious and politically charged presidential election, a lot of spotlight has been put on immigrants rights and policies. While Americans may worry about numbers of immigrants entering the country, migrants only make up 15% of the population inContinue reading “Article: Modern-Day Slavery in the UAE”

The In-Cider Scoop: A Trip to The Northman

With the increase of fruitier, sweeter beer-alternatives and ciders entering the mass market around Chicago, the opening of the city’s first ‘Cider Bar’ came with great enthusiasm. The Northman finally opened about two months ago, after they first announced their idea over two years ago. Chicago cider fans have been patiently waiting for their favoriteContinue reading “The In-Cider Scoop: A Trip to The Northman”

DePaul – diversity in the midst of segregation?

Despite it’s diverse composition, Chicago is known to be one of the most segregated cities in America. The neighborhoods are divided by both class and race. There are many neighborhood community areas with overwhelming racial majorities. Minority ethnicities and races in particular seem to be limited to particular regions in the city, like the westContinue reading “DePaul – diversity in the midst of segregation?”

First Look review: Crowded, wild and rainy, Lollapalooza succeeds again thanks to the music

this article was written for The Real Chicago magazine: Quick thoughts: This was my third visit to Lollapalooza, and I was thankful I had some previous experience and knew what to expect. I knew to bring my own baby wipes and napkins for when the toilet paper ran out and the hand sanitizer machines were broken.Continue reading “First Look review: Crowded, wild and rainy, Lollapalooza succeeds again thanks to the music”

Profile: The love expert looking for love

Gabriella MikiewiczJOUR 278Marla KrauseFebruary 12, 2014Word count: 1026 The Love Expert Looking For Love “No one wants to date a relationship expert,” says Anita Chlipala, a relationship coachand therapist. “It’s a little rough on the love life.” The 33-year-old sips her NorthernLights Raspberry Latte in a downtown Caribou Coffee cafe. She’s wearing a greycardigan overContinue reading “Profile: The love expert looking for love”

Article: Marriage can wait for many Emirati women (The National)

This article was written as part of a summer internship at The National newspaper in Abu Dhabi. It was published online here and in print. ABU DHABI // Many Emirati women are now choosing to postpone marriage and starting a family in order to get an education and extra job qualifications, according to recent research.Continue reading “Article: Marriage can wait for many Emirati women (The National)”