#RethinkPopulism event with MigrationMatters

What is populism? Can migration explain Europe‚Äôs rise in right-wing populism? Can we find common ground with populists? This November, join EMMIR and MigrationMatters for a night of video screening and discussion about these important questions in Oldenburg, Germany. I’m very excited to be organising this event as part of my job as Communications SpecialistContinue reading “#RethinkPopulism event with MigrationMatters”

Videography & Editing: #ActiveAcademia 2018 Conference

During the #ActiveAcademia conference, part of the communications strategy included taking general video shots of the conference as well as interviews with participants and attendees. During the last hours of this 3-day conference, I prepared this short video summarising the weekend. It was played during the closing session and is available on the EMMIR websiteContinue reading “Videography & Editing: #ActiveAcademia 2018 Conference”

EMMIR Cohort 7 Video

For the official commencement ceremony for Cohort 7, we were invited to prepare and present a video about our cohort. The instructions were open and general, so we were able to have some fun and brainstorm unique ideas. What follows is the EMMIR Cohort 7 video, which was videotaped by a fellow student but completelyContinue reading “EMMIR Cohort 7 Video”

Article: Modern-Day Slavery in the UAE

This article was written for my International Reporting class. While the United States is hurled through a contentious and politically charged presidential election, a lot of spotlight has been put on immigrants rights and policies. While Americans may worry about numbers of immigrants entering the country, migrants only make up 15% of the population inContinue reading “Article: Modern-Day Slavery in the UAE”

Article: Marriage can wait for many Emirati women (The National)

This article was written as part of a summer internship at The National newspaper in Abu Dhabi. It was published online here and in print. ABU DHABI // Many Emirati women are now choosing to postpone marriage and starting a family in order to get an education and extra job qualifications, according to recent research.Continue reading “Article: Marriage can wait for many Emirati women (The National)”