UNpaid = UNfair (#PayYourInterns)

Alternative title: How we’re being scammed during the job-search process I’m in the process of planning a big move to Copenhagen in the end of the summer. After I turn in my master’s thesis, I will change my current job’s contract to fewer hours, as I can remotely do some of the tasks necessary forContinue reading “UNpaid = UNfair (#PayYourInterns)”

#PRIOSeminar: Humans of Oslo

Today, I got to attend a seminar at PRIO – one of those research institutes that’s basically famous in migration circles. Home institution of researchers Jorgen Carling, Cindy Horst, and others, I felt as if I was about to meet the actual celebrities of academia! I’m currently in Oslo doing some interviews for my master’sContinue reading “#PRIOSeminar: Humans of Oslo”