Graphic Design

As a hobby, and sometimes as my livelihood, I do graphic design work. Recently, most of my projects have been for my master’s programme, EMMIR. I love working with InDesign and Illustrator mainly, and finding tutorials on YouTube to learn new tricks is how I spent many hours.

TraGS logo

Logo for a new international projects spanning Germany, South Africa, India, and Morocco.

C9 Student Handbook

Student Handbook

EMMIR 2018 Alumni Survey Results

Conference Program and Poster

The #ActiveAcademia conference for EMMIR

Rebranding and logo for EMMIR

Seeing the lack of any cohesive online identity or logo in my master’s program, I decided to start designing a new logo. This eventually led to the creation of a complete branding strategy and visual identity. 

New logo for EMMIR
Official document header

EMA Social Media Campaign: Does it matter?

EMANATE Magazine Page Design

As Editor-in-Chief of the Erasmus Mundus Association’s EMANATE magazine, I was in charge of designing the entire first issue. I used Adobe InDesign, and made the collages/artwork in Photoshop (I designed only the artwork/collages with my name next to them or watermarked on them).