Gabriella Mikiewicz

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I am a recent graduate with an M.A. in Migration and Intercultural Relations (EMMIR), an interdisciplinary Erasmus Mundus programme which offers a unique perspective on migration. I spent spent my two years studying in Germany, Norway, and South Africa, learning about different theories, historical contexts, and research methods for a future career in a migration-related field. I wrote my master’s dissertation looking at societal transformation through social and political remittances and understandings of Eritrean transnational networks. I conducted qualitative field research in Eritrea, in Norway, and in Germany.

I am skilled in communications for migration contexts as well as intercultural communications. I am currently open to opportunities (contract, freelance, full-time, volunteering) doing graphic design and intercultural communications work in the humanitarian, NGO, research, international development, and academic fields in a migration context. I’m interested to work with projects focused on social change, migration, and integration. #WonkComms

Recent projects

EMMIR Student Handbook
(coming soon)

Graphic design, branding.

Rethink Populism video screening

Event planning, graphic design.
Oldenburg, Germany.

Hemp Branding (coming soon)

Graphic design, branding.

Recent blog posts

#RethinkPopulism event with MigrationMatters

What is populism? Can migration explain Europe’s rise in right-wing populism? Can we find common ground with populists? This November, join EMMIR and MigrationMatters for a night of video screening and discussion about these important questions in Oldenburg, Germany. I’m very excited to be organising this event as part of my job as Communications SpecialistContinue reading “#RethinkPopulism event with MigrationMatters”

Videography & Editing: #ActiveAcademia 2018 Conference

During the #ActiveAcademia conference, part of the communications strategy included taking general video shots of the conference as well as interviews with participants and attendees. During the last hours of this 3-day conference, I prepared this short video summarising the weekend. It was played during the closing session and is available on the EMMIR websiteContinue reading “Videography & Editing: #ActiveAcademia 2018 Conference”

Conference Poster on Eritrean-Ethiopian Peace Process

Today, I was able to participate in the Origin Future conference at HTW Berlin and I presented a poster with my ongoing research project for my internship at the Felsberger Institut. My research question is “what are the perceptions of the recent Eritrean-Ethiopian peace process by the Eritrean diaspora in Germany?”. At this conference, IContinue reading “Conference Poster on Eritrean-Ethiopian Peace Process”

Rebranding and Redesigning EMMIR

For about the past month, I’ve been working on creating a new logo for my master’s program, EMMIR (the European Master in Migration and Intercultural Relations). Previously, we were lacking any cohesive presence: our website had a pink and lime green colour scheme with one logo, our official documents had a dark blue banner and differentContinue reading “Rebranding and Redesigning EMMIR”

Museum fĂĽr Sepulkralkutur – Museum about death & dying

Ok, if I had known this place existed, I would have prioritized visiting Kassel way earlier. Now, I’m based here for my internship with the Felsberg Institute, a research institute, where I’m focusing my research on Eritrea. Kassel probably isn’t at the top of anyone’s Germany-must-visit list, but it’s a fine place to spend a fewContinue reading “Museum fĂĽr Sepulkralkutur – Museum about death & dying”

Cradle of Humankind museum – exploring our origins

The Cradle of Humankind – what an intimidating, strong name, conveying imagery of the first humans, the first man, the first steps taken by Homo Sapiens. And ‘cradle’ – reminding us that humankind as a species was young once, and still is young in the grand scheme of things. If the name of this museumContinue reading “Cradle of Humankind museum – exploring our origins”

Commodifying Humanitarianism (response paper)

this is a response paper I wrote for my Health & Migration class at Wits University. Gabriella Mikiewicz Response Paper – Session 7 Migration & Health – Jo Vearey Wits University, Johannesburg Commodifying Humanitarianism: Reinforcing the capitalist world system Could humanitarianism exist outside of a neoliberal, capitalist world system? Does an unequal distribution of wealthContinue reading “Commodifying Humanitarianism (response paper)”

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