“During her time with the Consular Section, Ms. Mikiewicz impressed me and her coworkers with her keen intelligence and problem solving abilities, excellent communications skills, and strong sense of responsibility and accountability in handling sensitive information. These qualities, combined with her enthusiastic and affable attitude, made her a wonderful addition to the Section and I would welcome the opportunity to work with Ms. Mikiewicz again in the future.” 

– Christopher Machin, Consular Section Chief. Consulate General Dubai, UAE.

“Gabriella rapidly became an essential part of our media team, coordinating engagements with Pan-Arab Media outlets such as Al Arabiya, Al Jazeera, and Sky News. Gabriella efficiently handled any assignments she was given and took initiative… It was an extreme pleasure having Gabriella in our office. She is an excellent drafter and has outstanding interpersonal skills.” 

– Joshua Baker, Spokesperson and Office Director of Media Hub. U.S. Consulate General Dubai, UAE

“Gabriella Mikiewicz is an excellent student. She is bright, energetic, compassionate and genuinely well-rounded. She is sensitive to cultural differences and aware of her multicultural nature. I wholeheartedly recommend her and wish her the very best in all future endeavors.” 

– Maha Sweis-Dababneh, Ph.D. Arabic Instructor at DePaul University.